I am Ichiga.

I wander the woods of my covenant. I protect the woods of my covenant. The birds and trees are my friends. I feel through them. I am an extension of the world, and they are an extension of me. I will wander these woods until I am part of the woods as well. The woods are my home, and the woods are me.

Post Inn Ambush
I have been cleared. The fog of my mind has lifted. I no longer feel the hold of the covenant. My purpose is lost, but I am free. The tumult of a mind is radical. Such a taxing event. I will forge a new, radical druidism. I have abandoned peace, and will bring the fury of nature through my hand. I will abolish the covenant, and free my brothers at home. I am coming for you, Maline.

Ichiga’s Notable Conquests

  • Entangling a shadow demon and his cohorts, and then holding the shadow demon, for an entire battle
  • Growing a tree using his body
  • Winning an entire cask of wine off of Arnolf, and drinking half of it immediately
  • Being a human bridge

Ichiga’s Notable Failures

  • Barfing in a Baron’s manse while trying to be stealthy
  • 80% of his die rolls
  • Entangling himself and Rosalyn but nobody else


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