When Rosalyn was a young child, her father made a pact with an ancient and evil Arch Fiend. The Fiend promised him riches and glory in exchange for one promise. Without thinking, her father hastily agreed. “What wouldn’t be worth trading for riches and glory?” He thought. As the demon granted his wish, the man’s clothing turned to pure gold armor fit for a King. His pockets began to overflow with coin and jewels, raining to the ground in a beautiful display. A platinum sword of seemingly magical origins spawned in the air before him, hovering, waiting to be taken. As her father gripped the sword, he bowed and asked what the demon wished in return. The Fiend scoffed and with a wave of it’s fiery hand it dismissed him, claiming it would return in exactly one year for his terms. “Enjoy, Human. Enjoy.”

The demon vanished and her father grew to be a great lord within that year. Enjoying his riches, spoiling his subjects and family. Yet, as the year came to an end, the demon appeared before the newly recognized King. The Fiend revealed his terms for such a gift, and ordered her father to surrender his children to him, to take back to his hellish plane of existence as slaves. Her father realized what he had done, but all too late. Reaching for the powerful sword the demon had granted him before, he lunged at the Fiend in a last attempt to save his children. But as the blade neared it’s mark, it crumbled and turned to clay. The golden robes and armor adorning his throne room fell to ashes. The riches he had been given, the power bestowed upon him, taken in an instant. Then with an echoing laugh, the Fiend waved his demonic hand, reducing both her father and mother to ash. Immediately, the Fiend appeared before the two children he had wished to take. It informed them of their father’s betrayal and placed a curse on Rosalyn and her elder brother. On the eve of their 25th birthday, the demon would reappear and claim them for his own.

The two remaining siblings spent the early years of their lives desperately trying to find a way to stop the Fiend, trying to buy themselves more time. Soon, her brother came of age and just as promised, the Arch Fiend appeared before them. Still too young and weak to challenge the demon, Rosalyn could do nothing but watch as a dark string of words neither sibling could understand was muttered. The Fiend then vanished, along with her brother. Rosalyn fell into turmoil. She became a recluse, blaming herself for her own inability to save her brother. She took shelter in the confines of a vast, cursed forest where she spent many years studying the arts of Conjuration in an attempt to locate the hellish plane her brother had been taken to. But she knew, even if she located it, the Fiend would end her in a moment. She needed to be able to kill the demon once she arrived, and save her brother. However, the Fiend was ancient and powerful. It would take centuries of study and training to stand a chance against the Arch Fiend. She would need to find how to extend her life in order to exact revenge.

Thus, the novice wizard committed to a life of prayer and meditation. Day and night, she sat still under the shelter of an ancient elm tree. Secluded in the middle of the cursed forest, no one encountered her during these meditations. Only the coming and going of the forest animals stirred her concentration. And finally, after 6 and a half long years of prayer and study, a spectral voice spoke to her during a late night ritual. Bathed in the light of the full moon, she could feel it’s presence strengthen as she continued to pray. It claimed to be of the Fey and heard her endless pleas for aid. It spoke of the Arch Fiend she sought, stating that it too had a vendetta against the Fiend to resolve. The ancient Fey spirit promised to grant her wish of lengthened life as long as she agreed to dedicate her life to becoming the Fey’s personal form of vengeance, and destroying the Arch Fiend and his domain. Rosalyn agreed to the terms without a second-thought and with a subtle hum she could feel her body become still. Her breathing slowed and all her thoughts seemed to align at once. The truest form of clarity she had ever felt. Her wish had been granted. With her new found strength, Rosalyn left the cursed forest she had called home for so long. She could finally begin her road to revenge.

Rosalyn’s Notable Conquests

  • Rosalyn frequently obliterates pesky brutes with disgusting amounts of magic. It’s rough.
  • Murdering Snek for the greater good several times
  • Richard.

Rosalyn’s Notable Failures

  • Cannot seduce anyone, like, EVER.


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