Serrah grew up in a small village located near a larger town or city. While growing up, her parents Kya and Morenge were poachers, hunting and trapping local animals and wildlife in order to sell them for parts or meat to nearby towns. Some wanted meat for food, but many wished to purchase exotic meats or bits of ivory and other animal parts for decorative purposes. Eventually, as she got older, her parents took Serrah out on these trips into the forests in order to teach her how to hunt and how to trap.

Serrah enjoyed the trips into the forests and loved spending her time climbing trees, and learning about how to track creatures that lived there. She had no qualms when her father showed her how to trap small animals, and even enjoyed learning the proper way to skin and cook them over a fire. But one night, when Serrah was 13, her parents took her on a hunt with them. They were planning to take down a large vulturous creature. They found the bird after a long night of searching and tracking, and managed to capture it using one of their traps. Serrah was preparing to make a killing slice with her blade, in order to kill the bird for dinner preparation, but her father stopped her, telling her they needed this bird alive.

The vulture was brought back to their village and kept in a cage. Serrah watched as, day after day, her parents would pluck feathers from the bird and used them as some sort of oil for rich people that would come by. These pompous individuals would come by more and more frequently, until eventually Adrian, the name she had given the bird, was down to his last feathers. Only then, after months of being locked away, did her parents finally kill the vulture, now thinned to the bone and sick from being fed minimal food. It was at this moment that Serrah realized she could no longer support her family.

She refused to go on any more hunts with her family. About a year passed before they came home with another creature. This one came willingly though. She was told that the creature was a Demon and that he was a new business partner for her parents. The Demon, Castor was his name, ran into her parents during their hunt, and when they bested him, he offered his help to them in order to show them new ways to profit off of the wildlife here. A new necklace shown from Kya’s and Morenge’s necks.

The weeks went by and things went as normal. Her parents started bringing home more and more creatures. Wilder and exotic ones that were sold to the rich twits who came by, and always they asked for more. Her parents obliged. They upgraded their village home to one in the city, closer to their clientele they said. She watched them everyday. The necklaces glowed with a darker glow, the opals in them becoming inkier.

One day, when Serrah was 15, the new quarry was brought in, with help from Castor. It was a small dog-like creature, and it’s cage was interesting. The bars glowed with some form of dark magic. She watched as the tiny pup tried started to blur out of existence, only to be stopped as the dark magic swarmed inward at it. The yelp that the creature made made her quake in her spot in anger. Dark burns appeared on its bluish skin, and the creature tried to escape a few more times before its burns and scars finally made it give up.

She shook with rage when she saw Castor and her parents laugh at the dog. A key glimmered from her father’s pocket, and her eyes followed it as the three Demons spoke in a fiendish tongue. The necklaces shimmered eerily from their dark necks. She crept over to them. Mother, she spoke, fine I will take the necklace, but I want father to give it to me.

The smiles glinted horribly on their faces and her father bent over to put the necklace upon her, only to have his feet kicked out from under him as Serrah grabbed the key. The Demons grasped at her clothes but she tore free and unlocked the cage. Run! she told the pup, its eyes glinted in surprise but soon the creature winked from existence. She had a quick second to smirk as she was shoved to the floor, her mother and father staring over her, black eyes wide with wrath.

As her mother readied to strike, the room heard a growl, the pup had materialized into the space behind them and pounced upon the Demons. It closed its long snout quickly at the neckline and wrestled with the mother quickly. With surprise on its side, the pup managed to bite the correct spot, and soon the mother was gasping on the ground, blood pouring from her. Serrah responded by using her swords to slash upwards at her father. One cut to the thigh near the important artery he had taught her years earlier. One slice near the chest and stomach, where the squishy parts are, he had said. He fell to the ground blood gurgling from the mouth. The last thing she heard as she grabbed the dog, her protector, was the cackle of Castor. And then they winked out of existence.

After two years, Serrah has traveled with the pup, who she deemed Mr. Shimmer, and roamed through the forests for the most part. She has trained up her skills a bit, and now has a goal: to purge the earth of the Demons and their vile magic. If she can protect a number of animals along the way from the same fate that Adrian suffered then so be it. And she vowed, from the moment Mr. Shimmer dropped them in the forest, that Castor would pay for what he did to her parents. The parents that she may have murdered, never knowing if her slices had killed or merely maimed. But then again, they were gone long before she made her cuts…

Serra’s Notable Conquests

  • Her AC
  • Beating Un’Dir at a showing of extravagant magic
  • Murdering wizards
  • Having Mr. Shimmers use a mirror as an improvised weapon

Serra’s Notable Failures

  • Nothing too egregious so far…


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