Un'Dir the Resplendent


Un’dir was once a successful, if shady business man from a far off city. Upon lifting the wrong object, his fate seems to have changed…

Previously, Un’Dir was a sorcerer known almost exclusively for his dexterous hands and silver tongue. His powers seemed to stem from a strange charm — a pair of earrings — that he’d lifted from a customer in his shop. However, these magical abilities came at a price. Un’Dir found himself unable to act in a stealthy manner.

Un’dir is now awakening as the Augur of Anannonil, a mantle with great responsibility that has been thrust on him.

Anannonil the Magnificent
Anannonil is the hermaphroditic god of beauty, rebirth, justice, and illusion. They teach that light can reveal the truth, but many forget that light casts the shadows that fool the eyes.

Anannonil chooses an augur every aeon or so to cast their peculiar light on great darkness and evil. An artifact is passed down in the Cult of the Effulgent, a pair of teardrop shaped earrings, one gold with silver features depicting the male face of Anannonil, and the other silver with gold features depicting the female. Once an aeon, Anannonil speaks to the clergy, instructing them to find the chosen follower to claim the relic for themselves, and be chosen by the Epicene one.

The champion of the Effulgent must seek out, expose, and destroy great evil where ever it hides. The earrings force the champion to fight all evil beautifully in the open, but grants the power to bend light to aid their quest.

Un’Dir’s Notable Conquests

  • With great aplomb, Un’Dir convinced Baron Urfik and his foolish guards that mere vials of oil and mundane liquid were in fact potions of great power, enabling his party to stealthily abscond with the Baron’s magical key.
  • Un’Dir once sold a woman illusory clothes while disguised as a bearded old man, making a getaway with a full purse and not a strike against his reputation

Un’Dir’s Notable Failures

  • In a contest of magic, Un’Dir once lost to a mere ranger

Un'Dir the Resplendent

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